Our history


Extension of the permanent exhibition in the second floor, additional topics were added:

Learning and playing in the bunker
Air raids on Emden until 1944
Destruction of Emden on 6 September 1944



Reconstruction of the permanent exhibition in the second floor with new themes:

Life in the bunker
Bunker propaganda



Reconstruction of the exhibition on the ground floor
And, among other things, the setting up of a doctor’s and health center.


2007 – 2008

Installation of an air dehumidifier in the museum. Concrete restoration and repainting of facades.


2 July 2006

Welcomed the 100,000th visitor.



Start of the reconstruction of the museum in the area of the gas sluice, installation of an old shelter door to and from bunker banks in the media room. Digitization of projection.


2004 – 2005

Formation of an advisory board for the reconstruction of the exhibition. Ten years of Bunkermuseum.


2000 – 2003

Attach the commemorative tablet for the casualties from air raids in the entrance area. Setting up the website. Start of the project “Fallen, Missed, Lost”, search for the names and whereabouts of the fallen Emder soldiers of the Second
World war.


1997 – 1999

Creation of new management sheets for the permanent exhibition and erection of the bunker as an out-of-school location. Special exhibition of the “Confederation of Homeland Refugees”.


September 1995 – 1996

The Bunkermuseum as the center of the commemorations to 6th September 1944. Installation of a “suitcase cube” and its networking with the bunker and the
People. Set up a professional slide show.


August 1995

Presentation of the exhibition “1. Emder Culture Prize “at the Bunkermuseum.


6 May 1995

50 years after the end of the Second World War in East Friesland official opening of the Bunkermuseum. Among the guests were former Canadian bomber pilots from the squadrons that bombed Emden.


6 September 1994

Installation of an exhibition in the bunker Holzsägerstraße. Visit through more than 5,000 visitors on 30 opening days.


March 1994

Foundation of the committee Bunkermuseum e. V.